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DMOZ Listed Domains - Rare & Valuable

Now you are able to cut that long process and jump directly in!

DMOZ open directory project

Getting a great listing in the DMOZ Directory is one of the most important things that you can do for your website concerning search engine trust.
AOL, Netscape and Lycos all get their search results from DMOZ. Google also puts a lot of emphasis on sites that are listed in this directory.
Another great benefit to consider is that being registered by the DMOZ will help you to improve your website's link popularity.

An important thing to note however, is that most of the websites that are submitted to DMOZ are never actually added to their directory. It could take up to a year before someone sees your request for submission.

Yahoo Directory

The Yahoo US Directory is another submission that all websites would benefit from. However, it costs $299 annually to have your website submitted to this directory and that comes with absolutely no guarantee that it will ever be added to the directory.

Note - Domains that were added prior to 2001 are "grandfathered in". This makes these domains highly valuable and possessing an amazing revenue potential. These domains will NEVER be deleted!!

Expired domains are typically deleted from the DMOZ directory but not always. Domains are sometimes left in the directory for many months after they expire.

In fact, there are many expired domains that are still listed within several of the larger directories and all of these domains have the potential to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. Since many of the larger directories require a one to two year fee for listing you can save hundreds of dollars by finding these expired domains that are still listed.

Keep in mind that in order for a domain to be previously listed in the DMOZ directory it must have been an established website or an actual business. DMOZ admissions are added and verified manually through human editors. If a site has been previously added to the DMOZ directory then you can be assured that that domain is very valuable.

We can help you to find these valuable Directory Listed Domains!!

The following directories are available at RegisterCompass:
  • DMOZ Open Directory

  • Yahoo Directory U.S.

  • Yahoo Directory Australian

  • Yahoo Directory India

Begin Searching for Domains in Registercompass which are listed in DMOZ or Yahoo Directory:

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